How To Build Deep Cleaning Into Your Month

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Once you have a great chore and cleaning routine in place, there is no feeling in the world that compares. Sometimes though, we get so focused on the routine cleaning, that we completely forget deep cleaning tasks that only need to be done occasionally.

I’ve created a list of deep cleaning tasks that shouldn’t take too long to complete. I like to tackle two of these tasks each week on rotation to ensure that each task is still regularly being completed.


Deep Cleaning Task #1- Refrigerator

Deep cleaning the refrigerator needs to happen regularly in order to keep leftovers from being forgotten (nobody likes to find a surprise moldy container lurking in the fridge!), but also to ensure that all of the food that was purchased is being eaten and not wasted!

I recently saw an Instagram post where a mother with a large family was talking about her low grocery budget, and her number one top tip for lowering the grocery budget was never wasting food. She conducts a food audit in her fridge every two days to make sure that not a single stalk of celery goes to waste.

This task can be completed quickly if you do it regularly. In my home, I do a quick cleaning before going grocery shopping each week. I deep clean one shelf each weekday, which keeps it sparkling all the time!

Deep Cleaning Task #2- Freezer Inventory

When I deep clean our freezers, it’s less of a cleaning and more of an inventory. I will of course wipe up spills, and anything else that needs to be cleaned. But the thing that the freezer needs more than anything is organization and for me to know what I have.

I have one large upright freezer, and also three freezer/fridge combos. If I stay on top of the organization, by doing it about once every five weeks, then it doesn’t take a whole lot of time. But if I let it go for months, it will take me a good 30 minutes to an hour to get the freezer back into good shape.

Keeping track of what is in your freezer is another fantastic way to save money. If you don’t know that it’s in there, you will just end up buying more at the store!

Deep Cleaning Task #3- Garbage Disposal

Deep cleaning your garbage disposal is a simple task that doesn’t take long, but best of all, it requires zero elbow grease! All you need to do is pour ½ a cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar into your disposal. Let it sit there for 10 minutes, then turn your hot water on, turn on the disposal and continue running it until everything has washed down.

You’re going to want to clean your garbage disposal at least once a month, but weekly is better! 

Deep Cleaning Task #4- Oven

Deep cleaning the oven is a task that I admittedly dread. And because I dread it, I don’t do it often enough. The longer you wait to clean the oven, the worse it will get. The oven that I have now doesn’t have a self- clean feature. So I rely on oven cleaner to do the hard work.

First I remove the racks and set them in the sink. Next I vacuum out the oven with the hose attachment. Then I spray the oven with oven cleaner, close the door and let it sit for a few hours. Then I put on rubber gloves and start scrubbing!

If I’m not able to remove all of the grime with a thorough scrubbing, I will spray it down again and let it sit overnight, then scrub again the next morning.

While I’m letting the oven cleaner do its job, I will fill my sink with hot water and put a dishwasher gel pack in the water and let it sit for about 30 minutes. I then put on my rubber gloves, get a brillo pad and start scrubbing.

Your oven should be cleaned every 4-5 weeks, or if you cook as much as I do, every 2 weeks is better. 

Deep Cleaning Task #5- Washing Machine

Deep cleaning your washing machine is fast, so it’s an easy one to check off each month. I purchase washing machine deep cleaning powder from Tide, it comes in individual packets. You just pour a packet into your empty washing machine, and run the clean cycle. 


After the clean cycle, I will use some all purpose spray and wipe down the door of the washer, and the rubber gasket, and it’s done!

Deep Cleaning Task #6- Under Couches

Deep cleaning under your couch is simple, but you may need a strong buddy to help you move it out of the way.

If you are not moving your couches and cleaning under them every 4-5 weeks, then you are probably in for a BIG surprise. This doesn’t apply quite as much for couches that you can see all the way underneath, but if there is a skirt on the couch, or it goes all the way to the floor…prepare yourself.

You are going to need a broom and dustpan, a large garbage bag, and some helpers to put all of the random items that have been found away…shoes, socks, toys, books, lipstick, remote controls, coins…you’re going to find a LOT!

Once you get this initial cleaning done, as long as you keep it up every 4-5 weeks, it won’t be nearly as traumatic.

Deep Cleaning Task #7- Behind Beds And Nightstands

Deep cleaning behind your bed and nightstand will be similar to the couch. You may need a buddy, and come prepared for dust, dirt and missing items.

You have to remember, sometimes couches, beds, and nightstands don’t get moved for YEARS! The top reasons for moving these items is either you’re moving, or you are replacing the item.

I know from firsthand experience that it’s pretty mortifying to move these pieces of furniture and seeing what a mess is underneath, so let’s stay on top of it from here on out!

Deep Cleaning Task #8- Dusting Light Bulbs And Glass Light Shades

Dusting your light bulbs and cleaning your glass light shades is a task that is SO easy to forget, but makes a big difference. 

The only light bulbs that I bother dusting are the clear Edison bulbs that I use in some fixtures. These bulbs show dust easily. Make sure to turn off the light first and let the bulb cool down so that you don’t burn yourself. I like to use a paper towel that I have sprayed with windex.

To clean your glass shades, turn off the light and let it cool down first. I like to use windex and a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

This is a quick job, and should be completed every 4-5 weeks.

Deep Cleaning Task #9- Front Porch 

Deep cleaning the front porch involves a few different tasks: dusting for cobwebs, sweeping the floor and steps, cleaning door glass, wiping down any dirty areas, and cleaning the glass on the porch lights.

I recommend getting the kids to help, otherwise, this job will take awhile. I like to dust cobwebs with a broom first, then clean the porch lights, then any glass on the doors, then wipe away any dirty areas, and lastly give the porch a good sweeping!

The front porch is the first impression of your home, so it’s worth the extra effort! This task should be completed every 4-5 weeks.

Deep Cleaning Task #10- Vehicles

Deep cleaning my vehicle is a task that if I do not schedule in, it just doesn’t get done. The vehicle is out of sight, out of mind. I rarely think about my van when I’m in my home, it’s not until I get into the van that I remember it really needs a cleaning!

This is why having this list of deep cleaning tasks written down somewhere is so important. You just may not remember otherwise.

The van is another task that I will grab a few kids to help. One person has a garbage bag, one person a broom, one person some Windex and paper towels, another person a swiffer duster, and another person a vacuum.

***If you don’t have as many helpers as I do, don’t worry, just double up the chores!

In our home, I like to have a child get any trash out of the car and vacuum once per week, and then we do the deep cleaning together once every 4-5 weeks.

Having a master list of these deep cleaning tasks, and then rotating through 2-3 tasks each week will keep these often forgotten areas in much better shape!

While the initial cleaning of each of these areas will most likely take some time, if you stick to the schedule, the subsequent cleaning sessions won’t take long at all! 

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