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Clutter Challenges With Children, Part 3

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We’ve discussed why it’s important to keep Clutter Magnets clear, and we’ve discussed why it’s important to teach your children to deal with their clutter as well. Let’s discuss a third clutter challenge…the overwhelm that clutter causes.

Clutter Challenge 3- All Of The Clutter Feels Overwhelming To Deal With

Here’s the thing about clutter. It doesn’t just feel overwhelming, it IS overwhelming! And if we are overwhelmed by the clutter, usually we won’t do anything to fix it.

The very best way to stop feeling overwhelmed by the clutter is quite literally to get rid of it. The problem though is that (generally speaking) in a home with children, the clutter is absolutely everywhere!

And so, if your method of getting rid of clutter is scattershot, meaning a little here and a little there, it’s never really going to feel as though you are making progress.

If you aren’t seeing the progress, you will quickly lose momentum and end up never really accomplishing anything. 

So if we want to keep the momentum going, see and feel the results of decluttering, and eventually transform our home into a clutter-free zone, we need to focus our efforts.

Clutter Solution 3- Focus On One Room At A Time

The best way to focus the decluttering efforts in your home is to focus on one room at a time, and I recommend starting with the room you personally spend the most time in.

You owe it to yourself to spend time in a decluttered space. For me, that’s either the living room, or the kitchen. And I’m going to be honest with you. These two rooms are always the most decluttered, now that I have a system in place.

I want the most bang for my buck when it comes to effort leading to rewards. And so for me, it makes sense to keep these two spaces as close to perfect as possible. I spend hardly any time in the hall closet, so it just doesn’t bother me if it’s a bit messy.

This is a personal choice though. You may want to start with your bedroom, or your office. Whatever you do, start with the room that will make you happiest when it’s clutter-free.

The second thing that is important to remember is that any time spent decluttering, whether it’s five minutes or an hour, is time well spent.

We are all very busy women. Some days we may only have five minutes to focus on decluttering. Five minutes is definitely better than nothing.

You are five minutes closer to your goal of a decluttered room, but if you choose to just go watch TV or scroll through Instagram, you will have nothing to show for it.

So let go of the perfectionism, and spend whatever little time segments that you do have on tackling the clutter.

If you stick to these guidelines you will quickly see your room become less and less cluttered. The best thing about decluttering is the more you do it, the easier it becomes. It’s not always easy to get started, but once you build momentum, it’s smooth sailing.


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