Smart Kids Chore System:


Learning to treat chores as a family team is the KEY to creating and maintaining a tidy, organized home (that you don’t have to clean all by yourself!), and it’s attainable through the Smart Kids Chore System. Now, you can get your own clean, organized, peaceful home, without having to do ALL the work yourself, or constantly having to nag, threaten, and BRIBE your kids!

Freedom Moms Challenge:


Be transformed into the confident, capable executive of your home (instead of the unpaid servant). Develop the mindset, and learn the secret strategies that help even the busiest women dominate their domestic sphere!


Kids In The Kitchen:


My proven strategy that teaches children (from an early age) how to plan, cook, and clean up after themselves in the Kitchen (and have fun doing it!). I will teach your child to become a confident cook and kitchen helper.

Kitchen Domination:


Want to EASILY feed your family every night (Yes, even your fussy eaters) without tearing your hair out, being a servant in the kitchen, scrambling to find what to cook, or relying on take-out…My Kitchen Domination System makes it EASY for you!


I taught my 8 year old son how to clean the bathroom today. This is the first time he's ever helped me with a chore. Ever. And he was so happy and proud to do so! I am overwhelmed. I'll be honest, when I bought this program, I thought I was wasting my money. I'm sure the information is out there somewhere for free, but I was just so exhausted.... And now I'm grateful I got the program, and that the information was shared so honestly and with such humor and care. I taught my son how to wash the toilet. And he actually DID it!


- Megan S

This is the first chore system I have tried and actually seen my kids get on board and build good habits!

I am so thankful!


- Rebekah C

There’s a system in place, the phone alarm goes off at predictable times during the day, everyone is getting used to what they’re supposed to do & a little better at doing it each day & there’s no more room for fight, discussion, confusion, catch up, etc. I love letting the system do it’s thing!


- Haley J