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Freedom Moms Life is a podcast, a revolution, and a global community on a mission to inspire all Moms to leave behind the overwhelm and exhaustion of trying to do everything alone and embrace family teamwork.

Each week, Ashley, mother of ten, offers inspiration, motivating tips, and the wisdom (gained from 17 years in the trenches of motherhood) to help you build a life that you truly adore.

At Freedom Moms Life, we know the best way to improve our life is to improve our homes.

Are you ready to create a home and a life that will transform you from a minion martyr mindset into a confident, capable, respected Home CEO?

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I can see how these principles are going to whip my family and me into shape little by little through small daily habits. Already my kids are more willing to help me just because I'm trying to change MY attitude about housework. This system is just what we've needed, and I'm excited that I'm learning how to teach my family to work together as a team!


- Samantha W

This has changed my life. You cannot even imagine. I was on the verge of hoarding status. I was worried I would lose my kids. My depression was out of control. I feel like my home being cleaner has just gave me a new lease on life. And it had made me so much happier as a single mom of four kids. This works. Trust me.


- Collista L

This is actually working! We’re on week 2 of the phasing in calendar in the Smart Kids Chore System. Even my husband said how much cleaner and tidier the house has been!


- Lotti H